What To Expect?

Want to know what Summer Ministry School will look like?


Here is a Brief overview of some of the topics of teaching at SMS.

  • Christology (The Gospel & The person of Jesus)

    A look at the Gospel and the person of Jesus Christ. Topics include: the ministry, life, burial, resurrection, ascension and return of Jesus.

  • Christian Formation (Walking in the Spirit)

    What does it mean to have wholehearted devotion to Jesus Christ and the Spirit. Topics include; death to self, the secret place, humility, and honor, devotion to Jesus.

  • The Holy Scriptures (From Genesis to Revelation)

    A study of the Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. Topics include: the Word being divinely inspired, the Word’s power, and how to pray the Word.

  • Spiritual Giftings 101

    A look at the spiritual gifts found in scripture and identifying them and working them out in our lives. Topics Include: What are spiritual Gifts, identifying our gifts and using the to honor Jesus in our lives.

  • The Cost of Public Ministry

    A view of the responsibility and role of serving as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Topics include, preaching Jesus, surrendering to the Holy Spirit, the power of worship, missions, and the harvest. Students will participate in multiple outreaches during this week.

  • The Life of a Worshiper (True Worship, Art, and Writing)

    A look at the life of a true worshiper of Jesus, worshiping using art and other giftings.

Sample Schedule

Please Note times and activities can change. A more detailed schedule will be given once accepted to program.


9am – Worship and Prayer

10am – Session

11am – Group Activity

11:30am – Session

12pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Personal Devo

1pm – Session

2pm – Break

2:30 pm – Group Activity



9am – Worship and Prayer

10am – Session

11am – Group Activity

12pm – Lunch

12:30pm – Small Group

1pm – One on Ones

3pm–End of Day


9am – Worship and Prayer

10am – Student Lead Devo

10:30 – Group Activity

11am – City Prayer Walk

12pm – Lunch

1pm – In House Serving

2pm – City Evangelism

3:30 – End of Day


9am – Worship and Prayer

10am – Session

11am – Group Activity

11:30am – Small Group

12pm – Lunch

1pm – Outreach

2:30pm – Weekly Reflection

3pm–End of Day